Our Team

Owner & CEO

Philippe Person, 60, grew up at Château Jalousie Beaulieu. With a degree in oenology (discover here what the National Oenology Diploma is), he gained experience through renowned wine trading companies on the Bordeaux market. In 1995, after ten years, he came back to the family-run business.

He was trained by his uncle, Pierre Duporge, in the skills and expertise of making wine. A dedicated wine maker, Philippe became personally involved in the growth and modernization of the winery.

He has shown a real passion for the grapevines and a determined willingness to make Jalousie Beaulieu a well-known winery in Bordeaux. He is continuously driven by the desire to improve the quality of his wine whilst respecting the environment and his strong family values.

Philippe Person is the fifth generation of the family business and is married with three children: Alexandre, Pierre and Guillaume.

philippe person

Mr. Philippe PERSON

Managing Director

philippe person

Mr. Philippe PERSON

Graduated in oenology in 1985 at the Bordeaux Institute. Started his career as assistant oenologist at Ets CORDIER in Coutras for 2 years, 3 years at GEMOVINS as technical director of a bottling center, 5 years at CASTEL FRERES in Pau. Took over the family-run business in 1995 as managing director.

"It has been a great pleasure developing the estate, bringing new ideas and foster technical innovations to improve the quality of our wines and the reputation of Jalousie Beaulieu Winery".

Philippe PERSON

Technical Direction

florent ferchaud

Mr. Florent FERCHAUD

"Thanks to my past experience and passion for wine, I am able to offer a complete new dynamic and a strong technical expertise to the company.

I value mutual respect and unique soil allowing us to make great wines at Jalousie Beaulieu."



pierre person

Mr. Pierre PERSON

"I have always been fond of wine. Since I am a child, I walk in our cellars, work in the vineyard and enjoy discovering the exciting world of wine.

My experiences in France and abroad (INSEEC Bordeaux, Castel Fréres, Maison Sichel...) have given me the desire and assurance to develop the sales and marketing strategy of our family estate.

Vignobles Jalousie Beaulieu stands for family, ambition and strong values.

My only goal is to make Jalousie Beaulieu a well-known and innovative Bordeaux brand."


Head of HR

agnes person

Ms. Agnès PERSON

"Daughter, wife and mother of wine makers.

After a 30-year career in a financial group as a salesperson, manager and trainer, I joined the family-run Jalousie Beaulieu winery.

My experience in sales and management has helped me develop new markets and manage, train and motivate our team.

Well-being at work, rigour, enthusiasm and quality are my values!"



florence grassies

Ms. Florence GRASSIES

"Graduated in Accounting and Business Management in 1993, I have been accountant for twenty years, specializing in the wine business for more than ten years.

I am a dedicated person who strongly believe in rigour, accuracy and professionalism. I perform all main financial functions of Jalousie Beaulieu Winery, helping the company run efficiently and take on its quality and environmental challenges."


Head of Bottling

elodie picard

Ms. Elodie PICARD

"It is a great pleasure to work at Jalousie Beaulieu Winery. I wish to bring my rigour and seriousness to implement food safety measures to wine consumers.


Cellar Master

christophe mabille

Mr. Christophe MABILLE

"Through my professional experiences and my background as a winemaker, I wish to bring the best of myself to the running of the winery and contribute to the dynamics of Jalousie Beaulieu Winery."

Christophe MABILLE

Viticulturist Team

equipe tractoristes


Mr. Frédéric BONNERON


Mr. Sylvain GASTEUIL

Wine Growers

equipe vigne

Ms. Martine ARNAUD


Bottling Team

equipe mise en bouteilles

Mr. Dimitri GASTEUIL

Mr. Jean-Pierre LAVEAU


Cellar Team

equipe chai

Mr. Benoît LANAU