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Beginning of the story

The adventure began in the early twentieth century. The vineyard was acquired by family Duporge in 1910. The domain, then called "Jalousy", was bought by Pierre Auguste Duporge and his son Fernand Duporge from Mrs. Guiard and Mrs. Herissé. The 20-hectare vineyard was though very fragmented.

At this time, Pierre Auguste and Fernand were wine growers and barrel makers. They have undertaken reparcelling over a lifetime: they have proceeded in land swaps to unify the property. In 1930, the vineyard was mainly white wine, extended over approximately 35 hectares and produced around 1 800 hectolitres a year. Joined by Fernand's son, Henri Duporge, in 1934, Jalousy gradually flourished.

Scaling the domain

In 1962, Henri's son, Pierre Duporge joined the company. Two years later, his sister Marie-Hélène Duporge joined it too. In 1968, they expanded the vineyard in places around David and Beaulieu. In 1970, they founded an Agricultural Land Grouping (in French "Groupement Foncier Agricole", GFA). In 1992, the domain Jalousy became "Jalousie Beaulieu" and the holding "Société Civile d'Exploitation Agricole" was born.

In 1999, Philippe Person, Marie-Hélène Duporge's son, took over the lead of the 93-hectare vineyard. In 2001, he signed a leasing contract with the two wine holdings "Château Pascaud" and "Château de Marze", which included 26 hectares of planted vineyards. Between 2004 and 2016, Philippe Person further expanded the domain. In 2016, the total farming area of the holding "SCEA des Vignobles Jalousie Beaulieu" reached 160 hectares. His son, Pierre Person, joined the enterprise in 2016 to support the marketing strategy of the company. Pierre is the sixth generation of this family-run business.

Fernand Duporge
François Fernand DUPORGE
(14.08.1873 - 03.10.1943)
2nd Generation
Famille Duporge
2nd Generation
Famille Duporge
3rd Generation
Henri Duporge
Pierre Jean Henri DUPORGE
(01.01.1910 - 20.10.1982)
3rd Generation
Philippe Person
Philippe PERSON
CEO (05.11.1962 - )
5th Generation
Pierre Person
Marketing (21.03.1994 - )
6th Generation